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Erythema, with intense itching, relieved by bathing with vinegar. 
Erosion around the external os in females. 
Chemosis of conjunctiva. 

COMMON NAME : Live Wasp. 
MODALITIES : < Hot stove > Cold washing of hands < In closed room > Bathing with vinegar (skin itching) 
MIND : -Convulsions loss of consciousness; does not answer when spoken to; at looks into space. 
-Sensitive -over sensitive to pain. 
-Feels as if dying or delusions that he is about to die. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Sudden complaints. 
-Stinging, burning pains, as if pierced with red hot needles. 
-Complaints occur periodically and in paroxysms. 
-Axillary glands swollen with soreness of upper arms. 
-Perspiration of parts laid on, with itching. 
-Eyes-Erysipelatous inflammation of eyelids with chemosis of conjunctiva. 
-G.I.T.-Nausea, vomiting followed by creeping chills, from feet upward. 
-Female genitalia-Left ovary markedly affected with frequent burning micturation. 
-Menstruation preceded by depression, pain, pressure and constipation. 
-Erosion around external os. 
-C.N.S.-Convulsions with loss of consciousness. Does not answer when spoken to, looks into space. Has no recollection of the attack. 
-Skin-Erythema, intense itching. 
-Stinging and soreness. 
-Erythema multiforme. > by bathing with vinegar. 
KEYNOTES. : -Vasomotor symptoms of skin and mucous membranes with intense inflammation characterized by stinging, burning pain. 
CLINICAL : -Axillary lymphadenopathy, Boils, Cervical erosion, Chemosis of conjunctiva, Erythema, Indurations, Ovarian (left) afffections, Urticaria. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Apis, Scorpio -Antidote-Sempervium tectorum (locally).

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