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Pulse slow, small and weak. Low tension. 
Valvular insufficiency. Asthma. 
Suffocation when lying on left side. Epilepsy, chorea. 
Rheumatic affections, especially deafness. Sciatica. 

COMMON NAME : Mistletoe. 
A/F : -Becoming chilled when hot. 
-Suppression of menses. 
MODALITIES : < Winter, stormy, cold weather. 
< Motion. 
< Lying on right side. 
< Becoming chilled when hot. 
< Suppression of menses. 
MIND : -Delusion body is lighter than air. 
-Feels as if in dream. 
-Dreams of war and bombardments. 
-Frightful thoughts on walking at night. 
-Fear of telephone [Phatak], open spaces. 
-Persistent thoughts, dwells or past disagreeable occurences. 
-Depressed mood. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Tremor, as if all muscles are in fibrillatory contractions. 
-Sudden onset of complaints. 
-Weakness especially of leg. 
-Chilly even when near the stove. 
-All complaints are better by sweating. 
-Blood does not clot and wounds do not heal. 
-Vertigo-Sudden onset; sensation as if whole skull were lifted up. 
-C.N.S.-Epilepsy, he felt a glow that rose up from feet to head. 
-Respiratory system-Feeling of suffocation when lying on right side. 
-Asthma connected with gout or rheumatism. 
-G.I.T.-Abdomen feels as if someone is dragging her down from waist. 
-C.V.S.-Hypertrophy of heart with valvular insufficiency. 
-Low tension. 
-Palpitation during coitus in males. 
-Female genitalia-Metrorrhagia, blood partly bright and partly clotted and dark. 
-Extremities-Shooting, tearing pain in both thighs and upper extremities. 
-Sensation as if spider crawling over back of hand and foot. 
-A glow rises from the feet to the head. 
-Sciatica with otorrhoea. 
KEYNOTES : -Feeling of suffocation when lying on right side. 
-Chorea from fright. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Rheumatic and gouty complaints; neuralgias especially sciatica. 
-Rheumatism with tearing pains, Valvular heart disease, with disturbances in sexual sphere. 
-Chorea, epilepsy and menorrhagia. 
CLINICAL : -Wounds would not heal. 
-Blood would not clot-Phatak. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Bry, Convallaria, Guipsine, Hedera, Puls, Rhod. 
-Related to-Bufo. 

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