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Convulsions in children or at puberty, without aura. 

COMMON NAME : Wormwood 
SOURCE : Tincture of fresh root. 
FAMILY : Compositae. 
A/F : -Fright, grief bad news. 
-Violent emotions, anger. 
-After masturbation, sexual excitement. 
-Blow on the head. 
-Physical exertion. 
MODALITIES : < Physical exertion < Photic stimulation Chorea: < during day time > at night. 
MIND : -Irritability and excitability before attack of epilepsy or convulsion. 
-Somnanbulism - gets up at night and works, remembers nothing in the morning. 
-Walks in the street, suddenly stops, stares into space, often mumbles a few words, becomes normal and remembers nothing. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Convulsive attacks accompanied by profuse offensive sweat garlic like odour, and seminal emission. 
-Chorea during daytime > night. 
-Convulsions worse on becoming cool after exertion, worse from photic stimulation. 
-Typical ABSENCE episodes. 
-Convulsion of right side, paralysis, in newborns and girls at puberty. 
-Tonic-clonic convulsions with biting of the tongue and grinding of teeth. 
-Petit mal -attacks frequently repeated, then followed by a long interval of rest. 
-After the attack, falling asleep, weakness, feeling of lethargy. 
-Chorea- swallowing difficult, hungry but cannot get food down. 
-Colored light produces dizziness. 
KEYNOTES : - Epilepsy without Aura. 
- Profuse offensive garlic odour of sweat, during or after convulsion. 
- Convulsion of right side, left side paralysed. 
- Excitability before convulsions, sleepiness after the convulsion. 
- Petit mal - gets up in the night and works, remembers nothing in the morning. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Marked action of central nervous system | Convulsive diseases. 
- Right side of the body is convulsed, left side is paralysed. 
- Produces Petit mal type of convulsion -frequent attacks followed by period of rest. - Epilepsy without aura. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Absence of aura in epilepsy. 
-Petit mal epilepsy. 
-Profuse offensive garlic like odour of sweat is a characteristic concomittant. 
-Right side convulsed, left side paralysed. 
CLINICAL : -Seizure disorder, Chorea, Petit Mal epilepsy, Grand Mal epilepsy. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Absin, Caust, Cic, Cina, Cupr, Bufo, Oenan. 

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