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Homeopathy - Cancer

Cancer is defined as any of various malignant neoplasms characterized by the proliferation of anaplastic cells that tend to invade surrounding tissue and metastasize to new body sites.
Cancer cells are characterized by the property that they multiply and invade whereas normal cells do not. Malignant transformation starts in a single cell leading to the establishment of a clone of Malignant cells. Once the number of cells has reached 1,000,000,000 (approximately 1 gm. in weight), the tumour may become clinically detectable. By the time a patient dies of widespread malignancy, he may harbour 1,000,000,000,000 or 10,000,000,000,000 tumour cells (1 to 10 Kg. in weight).
This is the magnitude of the tumour population that must be destroyed to cure a patient. The initial dramatic susceptibility of certain rapidly fatal neoplastic diseases to Chemotherapy introduced in 1948 provided considerable hope, but soon it was realized that remissions were almost always temporary and that the emergence of resistance was the rule than the exception.
Cancer & Homeopathy: Homeopathy can cure Cancer completely & permanently, unlike the Conventional approach, where, whether you do something (Surgery/Chemo-therapy/Radio-therapy) or not, it will spread (metastasis). e.g. If there is a Cancer of the Uterus and it is removed (Hysterectomy), one can develop Cancer of some other part, say, the Breast/s (but not necessarily the Breast/s). Likewise, if a Man has Stomach Cancer & his stomach is removed (Gastro-jejunostomy), he can develop Cancer of the intestines (but not necessarily the intestines).Worse, The Journal of the American Medical Association, has gone on record by publishing, "The one thing that every patient knows, but doctors kept denying. Its hard to believe that the chemotherapy cancer drugs could be even more toxic than we all thought - but researchers have now discovered they attack brain cells and damage the central nervous system. Patients have for years noticed that they have become more forgetful or lose concentration soon after starting chemotherapy - but doctors have always denied any link, as they didnt believe the drugs could cross the blood-brain barrier. But new research reveals they can, and do, and that chemobrain as its been dubbed by disbelieving doctors is very real and despite denying it to their patients, doctors have been quietly documenting the cases for years, and now researchers fear chemotherapy may be more toxic to brain cells than to cancer cells. Mark Noble and his team at the University of Rochester in New York have discovered chemotherapy can cause delayed brain degeneration, and even short-term use of the chemotherapy drug fluorouracil causes acute injury to the central nervous system."Even the American Society of Clinical Oncology, in its 45th annual meeting has stated, "A common chemotherapy drug may be a killer - and is even killing patients who were free of cancer and who may have had many years of life ahead of them, oncologists fear. Many cancer patients are hypersensitive to the chemotherapy drug Cremophor based paclitaxel and some fatally so. Around 287 cases of hypersensitivity and 109 deaths have been reported, but as just 1 percent of reactions are ever recorded, the true picture is far worse. Cremophor is a chemical solvent and experts suspect that people are reacting to it. Two of the fatalities were women who had successfully been treated for early-stage breast cancer and had been given the chemotherapy to stop the cancer returning."In fact, The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Maryland, USA, impressed with results that Homeopathy can produce, is now collaborating with Indian Homeopathic Doctors (Homeopathy is practised all over the world, but only India has a proper course and Licensing mechanism) to find a complete & permanent cure for the problem (Cancer). Please go to and sign up to read the details.

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