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Homeopathic Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis has been found to be curable with homeopathic treatment — especially if started early. Psoriasis is an immune interceded condition brought about by faulty signals in the body's genes, for which homeopathy is extremely effective.

Homeopathy treats psoriasis without using any local ointments and the medicines are safe and natural without any side effects. The homeopathic medicines work towards normalising the proliferation of the skin cells, which in turn reduces excessive scaling.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's own natural healing processes, with which the genetic predisposition is arrested and the psoriasis gets cured.

Homeopathic treatment will control the number and intensity of lesions, eliminate flare ups, improve your quality of life, minimize disability and in most cases, bring about a complete, permanent cure.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and easy to take, are regulated by the FDA and made according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States or Germany.

Psoriasis is a chronic and obstinate disease. There is no shortcut to cure it. The treatment duration varies from case to case, based on the following factors:-

  • Duration of the psoriasis.
  • Areas affected: It takes longer if the scalp and nails are affected.
  • Extent of spread.
  • Previous medications (The extensive use of oral steroids or cortisone may delay the treatment's course).
  • General health and associated diseases.

Most psoriasis patients can see good results in about 9 to 10 days of homeopathic treatment, although the complete curative process may take about 1 or 2 years.

Allopathic treatment of psoriasis

Allopathic or conventional medical doctors generally treat psoriasis in steps, depending on the intensity of the disease, the extent of the involved areas, the type of psoriasis or the responsiveness of the patient to earlier treatments. This, sometimes, is called the '1-2-3' approach:-

  1. Topical treatment: Ointments are applied to the skin, locally.
  2. Phototherapy: Focuses on light or ultra-violet treatments.
  3. Systemic: Involves taking medicines, orally.

Potential disadvantages of allopathic treatment of psoriasis

Whatever the allopathic treatment, particularly when corticosteroids are used, over time, the psoriasis becomes resistant to treatment. Besides, the treatment that works very well for a person could have little effect on another. Thus, allopaths or conventional doctors commonly use a trial and error approach to find a treatment that works and they may even switch treatments now and then, if resistance or adverse reactions occur.

Mild to moderate psoriasis can be palliated by local applications, but that only suppresses the problem temporarily. However, they are not recommended for a long term or continuous use due to a potential, increased risk of a cancer of the skin and/or lymphoma. Excessive use of steroid based ointments may also reduce the thickness of the skin and cause acne, white spots and/or permanent stretch marks. When some topical agents, especially corticosteroids, are withdrawn abruptly, an aggressive recurrence of the psoriasis, known as a REBOUND PHENOMENON, is possible.

PUVA, UVB phototherapy or light therapy, photo-chemotherapy, excimer laser therapy and so on are all associated with excessive darkening of the skin, nausea, burning, headaches, fatigue and/or itching. Long term treatment is associated with squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma (both are different types of skin cancers). Pregnancy - due to the risk of fetal abnormalities - must be avoided during the majority of these treatments.

Traditionally, the 3 main systemic treatments are methotrexate, cyclosporine and retinoids, which however, when used over long periods can cause a number of serious side effects, including severe liver damage and decreased production of RBC, WBC and platelets due to bone marrow suppression.

Why homeopathy for psoriasis ?

Psoriasis, most importantly, is not an external, but an internal disorder, which is due to a genetic predisposition. Needless to say, the disease is deep seated and calls for a deep acting homeopathic medicine, selected after a thorough case taking. Allopathic treatment with steroids may suppress the symptoms of the disease, but it will not cure the disease. However, homeopathic treatment that has the potential to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, by which the disturbed reaction of the skin is restored to complete normalcy.

Homeopathy, over time, has gained a good reputation for the ability to cure psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases. No steroids nor any sticky, external applications are used. Homeopathy cures psoriasis naturally by improving one's own natural healing processes and can cure it completely and permanently. Homeopathic medicines are completely harmless and can be taken for long periods, very safely (however, the homeopathic doctor should be consulted about the medicines if they are being used over a long period). With the homeopathic treatment, the itching and burning pain gets reduced, the psoriatic patches disappear slowly and the patient feels good in every way. Homeopathy targets the source of the problem without any damaging side effects.

There are 120 homoeopathic medicines which can cure psoriasis. The correct choice and the resulting relief, however, is a matter of experience and right judgment on the part of the homeopathic physician. The treatment is decided after taking the case of the patient, thoroughly. Thus, homeopathic remedies for psoriasis are designer made, unlike allopathy, in which all patients receive the same drugs - although trade names may be different.

Some of the homeopathic remedies which may be used in a case of psoriasis by an expert homeopathic doctor are Phosphorus, Sulphur, Kali Carb., Graphites and so on.

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