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Our extensively experienced and qualified Hypnotherapy specialists give the best Hypnotherapy treatment to patients in order to heal any ailment or resolve health related problems. Self-hypnosis is a self-induced, altered state of mental consciousness that allows you to give constructive suggestions directly to your subconscious mind thereby, changing your life for betterment in many ways. You can even use self-hypnosis to experience past-life regression. Some of the things Hypnosis can do are:-

  • Stop Smoking
  • Learn Faster and More Effectively
  • Improve your Self-Image and Self-Esteem
  • Improve your Sexual Performance
  • Improve any Skill
  • Overcome Pain
  • Get Rid of Headaches
  • Relax and Overcome Stress
  • Stop Bed-Wetting
  • Get rid of any bad habit such as Nail Biting, Stuttering (Stammering), etc.

The list goes on almost endlessly. Self hypnosis is a tool we can use to straighten out bad programming because it is a method of allowing ourselves to adjust our brain frequency to the subconscious area and then reprogram our mind with the information we want. Simply, we overlay the negative programming with positive programming, thus canceling out the negative programming. It works! Here are some of the things you learn during our courses:-

Attitude and Viewpoint :

Discover how to generate Positive states and attitudes that become a natural aspect of your personality ...... positive being rather than just positive thinking

Improve Confidence:

Improve Confidence to a level that people treat you with respect, even if you look puny

Memory Enhancement:

Increasing your memory and concentration is easy when you learn to enhance your auto-suggestion/visualization skills. Improved memory can have very positive effects in many areas of your personal and professional life.

Study Techniques:

Discover ways to use Alpha relaxation tools in your school classes, while studying and when taking tests. Dramatically increase your grades

Trigger Mechanisms:

Learn techniques that harness and direct powerful inner conscious processes to help bring about desired results in areas of self control, health, sports, self-motivation, confidence, positive changes in personality and more.

Decision Making:

Confident decision-making requires the feeling that you have enough information to assure a positive outcome. Learn how to use levels of mind where you have access to information both Logical and Intuitive. This increases the likelihood of making a good decision and solidifies ideas into good workable solutions.

Creativity Development:

Creativity and Intuition are considered by experts to be among the highest levels of human mind functioning. In business, intuition is a necessity. In personal life it is often the deciding factor in having a good relationship, being an effective parent, enjoying personal power. The mind training exercises in this portion of the class also give you mind agility and the ability to use subjective states to generate creative inspiration.


Stress Control:

For more energy and improved health, learn to enter deep relaxation in a matter of moments Eliminate the negative effects of tension and anxiety, to gain vitality and peace of mind.

Sleep Control:

Learn an effective technique for entering deep healthy sleep. Eliminate insomnia and restless nights by using your brains natural functions to make it easier to get to sleep.

Awake Control:

Awaken naturally without an alarm clock by using your internal time sensing mechanism. Learn to stay awake and alert longer when necessary.

Headache Control:

Gain freedom from suffering, and eliminate headaches caused by daily pressure and anxiety. This technique is also successfully adapted for relief from migraine headaches.

Dream Control:

Learn techniques that can help you find positive solutions to problems. Use your dream states while you sleep, to tap into your inner conscious mind, in a highly creative way.

Pain Control:

Learn to access deep levels of mind to gain freedom from pain. These techniques have been successfully used for pain control in many clinics and hospitals.

Gain/Lose Weight :

If you want to gain weight, increase your appetite. If you are someone who over-eats, attain control of your urge mechanism. With this control you can develop behavior that leads to a healthy weight and self-image.

Get rid of Fears / Phobias :

Get rid of any fears / phobias, how ever deep rooted, completely & permanently.

Control of Dependencies:

Learn one of the most successful techniques available for getting assistance from your inner conscious mind, to help you eliminate unwanted habits such as drugs or smoking and gain mastery of your life.

Speed Reading:

Learn to read books people take weeks to read, in a matter of seconds.

Remote Viewing:

Learn to see places far away (sitting wherever you are - with eyes closed)


Learn to mind read & /or send messages to anybody at will.

Find Work:

Find a most satisfying job without much effort.

Gratitude to your Body:

Send gratitude to different body parts & improve your health

Pillar of light:

Put a shield of safety, protection, peace & love around you and your loved ones

Chakra Balancing:

Balance your Chakras & enjoy perfect health & harmony on all levels


Get rid of guilt & whatever it is doing to your body & mind

Karma clearing:

Neutralize all past Karma - you dont need to pay for the bad things youve done or the promises you havent kept (whether in this life or a past one)

Regress to a Past Life:

Many people carry unwanted baggage from a Past Life. Regress to a Past Life, especially to solve problems that you have in this life, related to a past life.

Advanced Intuitive Problem Solving:

Actual problem cases are used to help demonstrate the tremendous faculties of human intelligence as it relates to detecting and correcting problem situations. This part of the program convinces even the greatest skeptic in the power of the self-controlled mind. You will also learn how to find lost objects, get answers for the unsolvable, get things through visualization (a car, a house, money etc.), make yourself invisible, trigger survival mechanisms, E.S.P. (Clairvoyance, Sixth sense, Intuition etc.) and so on....


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