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Defending Homeopathy

A lot of newspapers and web-sites the world over are publishing reports and articles that homoeopathy does not work. This I believe is causing new/prospective patients to mistrust homoeopaths. Homoeopathy, though, doesn't become an ineffective method of treatment, just because newspapers and web-sites say so. It uses diluted sub-atomic particles which stimulate the natural healing processes of the body (to bring about a spontaneous remission of diseases). Homeopathy has cured a whole lot of conditions completely and permanently - some examples are cancer, fibroids (wherever they may be), brain tumours, warts, kidney stones, white patches (leucoderma), ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, infertility, thyroid problems, rhinitis, sinusitis, ear problems, tonsillitis, bronchitis, heart problems, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, prostate problems, sexual dysfunctions and so on. Experiments have been conducted and it is seen that alcohol or water - the base used for potentising - dilutes the medicinal substance so much as to leave almost nothing of it in the base, yet the base (alcohol/water) retains an impression/memory of the original substance it diluted. In another experiment, it was seen that these dilutions can degranulate human basophils (which means they do have an effect), the results of which were published as a scientific paper, in the well known scientific magazine Nature (1988, Vol 333, June 30) with the title "Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE" (by Prof Jacques Benveniste). Lancet, the well known medical journal, also has published two articles to show that homoeopathy works. (The articles were 'Is homoeopathy a placebo response? Controlled trial of homoeopathic potency, with pollen in hayfever as model', 1986, 11:881-886 and 'Is evidence for homoeopathy reproducible', 1994, 344:1601-1606). The Indian Union Health minister, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, has also said, "This is a serious issue (to say homoeopathic remedies are placebos), because India is the largest user of homeopathy. We will counter this with scientific data."


This article, written by Dr.Ramanand, appeared in the Deccan Herald Newspaper on September, 13th, 2005 and can be seen at


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